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Chris Zelenak - Headshot

Hi! My name is Chris Zelenak, and I work on all sorts of software. Over the course of my career I've helped build iOS apps for startups, work on server side auction systems for B2B companies and managed infrastructure for one of the largest mobile game companies in the world.

I like helping people solve problems, and I've had the pleasure of doing that with many great folks in my career. If you're thinking about working with me, you should read what they have to say about it.


Chris' ability to dive into the most arcane pieces of code has always been extremely impressive. Need someone to find that race condition deep in your networking stack? Need someone willing to roll up their sleeves and rewrite your DSL language grammar to deal with new use cases? Need someone to track down that weird database replication issue? I've watched Chris do all of that and so much more, and it was always a joy and a pleasure to work with him no matter what we were working on - I would not hesitate to work with him again in the future.

Michael Kuehl Chief Technology Officer at Losant

Chris Z is one of the few developers I have met whom has mastered both the elegant simplicity of Ruby and the arcane art of iOS programming.

Chris is also one of the funniest people I've had the pleasure to worked with. His quick wit kept us in good spirits even in stressful situations. Also one on the short list of people whose restaurant choices I trust implicitly!

Marshall Yount Platform Engineering at Twilio

Chris is ready, willing, and able to go the distance on even our toughest problems. His extensive experience with systems both large and small consistently proves to be a time saver for the entire team. Chris is an extraordinary developer and I am thankful to have him on my team.

Elijah Miller Partner at Expected Behavior

I can't say enough good things about working with Chris. He was (and I assume remains) sharp as a tack and with a seemingly unbounded curiosity and ability to adapt.

His quick learning of Objective-C and the iPhone development process enabled The Star to develop what was at the time some of the best in class iPhone applications for a media company as well as creating an untold number of backend pieces that cleverly tied our many products together.

If I were ever in a position to hire him again (and I seriously doubt that'd ever happen), I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Chris Vannoy Ruby Instructor at The Iron Yard

Chris is the most amazing developer and colleague I have had the pleasure in working with. He is a boundless lifeboat of talent. He has single handedly completed multiple tasks, components, projects & applications that would easily consume an entire operation. He is not only an incredibly talented developer, but he is wonderfully creative as well. His input on all projects has not only made them a huge success but has also made them unbelievably effortless to understand and grasp as a non-developer.

Chris's communication skills also make him very valuable in any work environment. He is incredibly intelligent, prompt, descriptive and professional in all measures of his work.

Erik Goens Senior Web Developer at Courseload

Chris is by far one of the few programmers that I would describe as a rock-star. He is a developer whose passion for Computer Science drives his achievements, and whose sense of humor makes him palatable to any client. He is dedicated - often working longer and harder to make projects more successful than a small team of competent individuals could manage. His ability to work with almost any technology I've seen in front of him makes him a valuable asset to any team. His talent to see the big picture while also identifying the tiny details others may ignore makes his opinion invaluable during architecture discussions. Chris was a mentor to me throughout my college career and for several years at LAT. He was the man that became my yard-stick for measuring my achievements in my software career. If you employ him, you are lucky - if you have a chance to hire him - do.

Aaron Romine Java Architect at AuthX

Prior Experience

January 2014 – October 2015 Indianapolis, IN
Expected Behavior Partner
  • Programming, sales and support.
February 2010 – January 2014
Fastest Forward Partner
  • Co-created Instrumental (link)
  • Consulting on server side and iOS apps
  • Led iOS Training courses
January 2008 – March 2010
Indianapolis Star Programmer